April 2017 Meeting Minutes

The theme of this month’s meeting was coin magic, although there were quite a few types of wonderful magic presented.

Vice President Mark Paulson was able to psychically divine a specific chore that was selected by a spectator from a list given to him by his wife.  If only getting the chores done could be as magical.  Magician Roger Sylwester presented a very nice three-card Monte routine with multiple card changes and surprises.  Igor Dvorkin turned a spectator into the magician presenting a well-crafted ambitious card effect.  Michael Jacobs presented an effect from John Scarne that was a real miracle card finder.  Ralph Huntzinger presented his coins through hand magic that has been his go to coin routine allowing him to really have a polished effect.  Rick Swaney performed a very nice formal sit down coin routine where coins appeared, disappeared and traveled magically from hand to hand.  Sam Chamberlain presented a magic piece involving a magic growing penny that continued to get larger and larger.  Secretary Jim Earnshaw made a signed coin disappear and then reappear inside of a locked keychain.  President Brian Cook presented a portion of his Magic Castle act involving copper and silver coins that magically transported around the table.  Magician Ben Eskenazi used a spectator’s phone to take a picture of the future, showing a chosen card as the only card face up in the picture.  It was another great meeting filled with magic and friendship.  Next month’s magic theme is “Magic with Music”.