August 2015 Meeting Minutes – Summer Magic

Our August meeting began with an update on the great magic events our members attended in the previous month and an update on the upcoming magic in the Seattle area. Tom Payne told us about the closing of an old magic shop and the opening of a new one.

Our president, Jim Earnshaw, welcomed our newest member, Dave Buck, to the S.A.M. and to our club. Dan Kennedy, who recently injured his hand, showed us that he could still do card magic without touching the cards. He had a spectator handle the deck and follow his instructions to find the selected card. The effect was based on Daryl’s “Untouched.”

Larry Dimmit helped a spectator see through his own third eye and the spectator unbelievably divined his own ESP card. Roger Sylvester performed an ACAAN effect where the card is found reversed in the exact location in the deck. It was based on Dai Vernon’s trick that can’t be explained. Jim Earnshaw performed a manipulation act using three coins, a salt shaker, a butter knife and a napkin. The coins appeared and disappeared to the beautiful music of the Blue Danube.

Mark Paulson told us that his father never let him play with cards but that he’s always been drawn to them. Each card in his deck had a different name on the back. The spectator’s freely chosen card turned out to be named Satan. Maybe his dad was on to something. Mark also showed us a balloon that we all burst with the power of our minds.

Chuck Kleiner performed Docc Hilford’s “Wizard’s Manual.” Otto Miller showed us a matrix routine with four cards and four coins where all of the coins magically moved from one under each card to all four under one card. He then upped the skill level by performing a matrix routine with no cards, just the coins and his two hands. Now that’s magic!

Our club has nurtured a positive and supportive environment where members can workshop new routines and get positive feedback on how to improve them. Michael Jacobs took the workshop opportunity this month and demonstrated the difference between a magician and a mentalist. Michael’s effect was based on Milbourne Christopher’s “Concentrate on a Card.” He got a lot of ideas from Brian Cook, Jim Earnshaw and other members on how to improve the effect. We hope he shows us an update at a future meeting.

If you’re ever in Seattle on the first Thursday of the month come and visit our magic club. You’ll definitely see some cool stuff!

President Jim Earnshaw welcomes Dave Buck to the Society of American Magicians
President Jim Earnshaw welcomes Dave Buck to the Society of American Magicians