August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Magic in the Summer

Our August meeting began with an update on great magic events coming up followed by some serious magic from our members. This was our first meeting at the newly renovated Mercer Island branch of the King County Library.

John Cameron fooled and entertained us with a prediction effect using three bottles of Moosehead Canadian Beer and a deck of cards. He gave credit to Mark Striving’s Psychic Suds for this effect. Michael Jacobs shared a psychic card effect utilizing a very strong directive persona that seriously held our attention. He performed Karl Fulves’ Unseen Powers.

Larry Dimmit brought out a roulette wheel, dice and cards for a casino prediction effect developed by Jules Lanier. Larry’s mentalism is always amazing. Mark Paulson showed us 15 cards, each with a picture of a different billiard ball. He revealed the chosen card by producing a full sized billiard ball that matched the ball on the selected card.

Ralph Hutzinger performed a smooth version of coins through handkerchief by Michael Ammar. Roger Sylwester treated us to his performance of Mac King’s Other Rope Routine. Chuck Kleiner showed us how some of the first tricks we learned can be successful with lay audiences. He performed a stage version of Mental Choice and Michael Ammar’s Magician’s Insurance Policy.

Finally our youngest member, Otto Miller showed us an Oil and Water routine that he’s been working on. Otto’s magic amazes us every time. Although all of our members are young at heart, it’s great collaborating with the next generation of magicians like Otto. Magic is a great way to bridge the generation gap. If you’re ever in Seattle on the first Thursday of the month come and visit our magic club. No matter what your age, you’ll definitely fit in if you enjoy magic!