May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Jim Earnshaw, Roger Sylwester, Larry Dimmitt, Ralph Huntzinger, Michael Jacobs, Aidan Adams, Mark Paulson, Brian Cook, Sam Chamberlain, Rick Swaney, Reymarx Gereda.

This month’s theme was “Music and Magic”.  Members were encouraged to perform a piece to music or present a music themed routine.  We had quite a few nice performances.

Roger Sylwester started out the evening with a teach a trick segment with a shrinking deck routine and focusing on his handling of a double jumbo card fan at the end.

Club Secretary Jim Earnshaw performed Giovanni Liver’s Salt and Silver to music making coins appear and disappear under a saltshaker.

Dean of the club Larry Dimmitt presented a mentalism piece where he was able to divine what colored ball the spectator chose even though the balls were moved around to various places.

Michael Jacobs presented a very clean handling of card warp.

Club Vice President Mark Paulson presented a very funny card prediction gag that uses some great music to enhance the fun of the effect.  One of these days, his trick is going to work.

Club President Brian Cook presented his Okito box routine set to music.  Brian has a wonderful Okito box collection and makes beautiful sets himself.

Sam “AlakaSam” Chamberlain presented his zombie ball routine to music.  The club was able to give him some pointers on the routine and we are looking forward to seeing it again in the future.

Rick Swaney presented a very clever trick based on a cardboard ipod.  As clever as the trick was, Rick’s explanation of what he had to do to fix the gimmick earlier that same day was even more astonishing and clever.

Reymarx Gereda presented a great rendition of finding the aces were he used the cards as a computer and “programs” the deck.  Pushing a button makes the aces magically appear.  This is a nice impromptu trick that fools this author every time.

New member Aidan Adams presented some very nice original card magic to the group.  We hope to see Aidan (and his bow tie) back in the future.

There was plenty of may music and magic to enjoy.  Next month’s theme is “mentalism”