February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Rick Swaney, Mark Paulson, Felix Huang, Randall Chin, Sam Chamberlain, Larry Dimmitt, Brian Cook, Jim Earnshaw, Ralph Huntzinger, Roger Sylwester

The theme of the evening was Valentine’s magic.   There was plenty of good magic, even when it didn’t follow the theme.

Jim Earnshaw presented an original Okito box routine that he had been working on a new script for.

Brian Cook presented a very vexing card reveal trick using a borrowed deck and a very hands off handling he was able to divine the thought of card.

Roger Sylwester presented the “President’s challenge”.  This is a rotating challenge taken up each month by a club member to present an effect from a set of lecture notes the previous performer provides.  The current performer then provides a new set of notes for the next challenge.  Rick Swaney took the challenge for the next month.  Roger displayed an in the hands false riffle shuffle and the club discussed some options for false shuffles.

Randall Chin presented a very nice themed sponge ball routine scripted around bacteria, and the club offered some suggestions to enhance the routine.

Mark Paulson is really trying to get his new sleeving routine down which provided some great laughs.  Mark also presented a nice bit of mind reading involving thee spectators and knowing three randomly chosen cards.

Felix Huang presented some very nice mentalism where he was able to divine not only who wrote down something from a mixed set of note cards, but also what they wrote.

Sam Chamberlain presented a baffling trick where he was able to tear a playing card in two and show that information written on half by a spectator magically changed places with the information Sam had written down on his half.


January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Rick Swaney, Mark Paulson, Felix Huang, Randall Chin, Richard Gerlitz, Sam Chamberlain, Larry Dimmitt, Brian Cook, Jim Earnshaw

January was officer election month for the club.  All officers remained in their current position.  Brian Cook remains club President with Mark Paulson vice president, Jim Earnshaw as secretary and Larry Dimmitt as treasurer.

We started off the meeting with a rat race.  Rick Swaney had adapted a maze trick with small cards to be performed for a larger audience by building some custom props.  The trick was impressive, and everyone really appreciated the work Rick had put into his props.

Mark Paulson continued the magic with a story about his past ventriloquism years and his connection to his dummy Jay.  Unfortunately Jay had been torn up by his dog, however Mark still had a magical connection to one of Jay’s eyes, providing for a successful remote viewing experience.

Felix Huang demonstrated some wonderful card skills with various tricks.  However his best trick of the evening might have been convincing the waitress that he has true psychic ability later that night at the bar.

Randall Chin performed a unique routine he was working on involving credit cards.  Randall had taken various card plots, adapt them to credit cards, and was able to put together a very nice sequence of tricks.

Sam Chamberlain not only entertained us, but educated the group about protostomes as well with his custom version of wild card, or rather wild “crab”.

Larry Dimmitt continued to show his mind reading ability revealing what box was chosen from a group of boxes as well as noting what was inside the selected box.

Jim Earnshaw presented a chop cup trick based on Star Trek characters and the transporter.  Finishing with a malfunction and cup full of tribbles.

The group was challenged with a riddle by Richard Gerlitz and a shown some lovely custom wood working by Brian Cook from his Magic Crafter business.


June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Jim Earnshaw, Roger Sylwester, Larry Dimmitt, Michael Jacobs, Aidan Adams, Mark Paulson, Sam Chamberlain, Rick Swaney, Reymarx Gereda, Louie Foxx

This month’s theme was “Mental Mysteries”.  Members were encouraged to perform a mentalism-inspired routines.  Regardless of the theme, there was some great magic and fun.

Inspired by the previous month’s performance from Brian Cook, Jim Earnshaw presented a nice Okito Box routine.  Jim purchased his box and wand set from Brian’s Magic Crafter business.

Louie Foxx showed the group a real digital fooler where he took a picture of the spectator holding a random card they were unaware of yet were later able to freely pick choose the same card from a mixed deck.

Rick Swaney presented a Bob Farmer effect called Deja Voodoo.  Rick has obviously put a lot of work into the trick and the results were very magical.

One of our new members Aidan Adams showed off a very nice multi-phase card to pocket routine that had well timed misdirection and very smooth handling.  Aidan will be fun to watch in the future for sure.

Larry Dimmitt involved the entire group when he solicited written words sealed in envelopes to reveal that a prediction he made matched the randomly selected choice.

Michael Jacobs presented a nice card effect where he was able to divine not only the selected card, but also the number of cards left inside of the card box.

Roger Sylwester presented a very nice self-contained routine by Cody Fisher called “Fifty-two Thoughts”. This routine has a lot of funny moments and quite a magical ending.

Mark Paulson used his mind powers to influence multiple spectators to tell him when to stop his ring over a random word in a book.  The word matched an earlier prediction he had made.

Reymarx Gereda had the spectator grab a random amount of cards from a deck of cards and was able to divine every card chosen.  It was a very nice mentalism piece.

Sam Chamberlain presented a want ad prediction where he was able to divine where a spectator would have him cut though a piece of newspaper.  Multiple cuts were made and Sam still was able to predict the correct ending.

Next month’s theme is “Magic with Cups”.