June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Jim Earnshaw, Roger Sylwester, Larry Dimmitt, Michael Jacobs, Aidan Adams, Mark Paulson, Sam Chamberlain, Rick Swaney, Reymarx Gereda, Louie Foxx

This month’s theme was “Mental Mysteries”.  Members were encouraged to perform a mentalism-inspired routines.  Regardless of the theme, there was some great magic and fun.

Inspired by the previous month’s performance from Brian Cook, Jim Earnshaw presented a nice Okito Box routine.  Jim purchased his box and wand set from Brian’s Magic Crafter business.

Louie Foxx showed the group a real digital fooler where he took a picture of the spectator holding a random card they were unaware of yet were later able to freely pick choose the same card from a mixed deck.

Rick Swaney presented a Bob Farmer effect called Deja Voodoo.  Rick has obviously put a lot of work into the trick and the results were very magical.

One of our new members Aidan Adams showed off a very nice multi-phase card to pocket routine that had well timed misdirection and very smooth handling.  Aidan will be fun to watch in the future for sure.

Larry Dimmitt involved the entire group when he solicited written words sealed in envelopes to reveal that a prediction he made matched the randomly selected choice.

Michael Jacobs presented a nice card effect where he was able to divine not only the selected card, but also the number of cards left inside of the card box.

Roger Sylwester presented a very nice self-contained routine by Cody Fisher called “Fifty-two Thoughts”. This routine has a lot of funny moments and quite a magical ending.

Mark Paulson used his mind powers to influence multiple spectators to tell him when to stop his ring over a random word in a book.  The word matched an earlier prediction he had made.

Reymarx Gereda had the spectator grab a random amount of cards from a deck of cards and was able to divine every card chosen.  It was a very nice mentalism piece.

Sam Chamberlain presented a want ad prediction where he was able to divine where a spectator would have him cut though a piece of newspaper.  Multiple cuts were made and Sam still was able to predict the correct ending.

Next month’s theme is “Magic with Cups”.

May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Jim Earnshaw, Roger Sylwester, Larry Dimmitt, Ralph Huntzinger, Michael Jacobs, Aidan Adams, Mark Paulson, Brian Cook, Sam Chamberlain, Rick Swaney, Reymarx Gereda.

This month’s theme was “Music and Magic”.  Members were encouraged to perform a piece to music or present a music themed routine.  We had quite a few nice performances.

Roger Sylwester started out the evening with a teach a trick segment with a shrinking deck routine and focusing on his handling of a double jumbo card fan at the end.

Club Secretary Jim Earnshaw performed Giovanni Liver’s Salt and Silver to music making coins appear and disappear under a saltshaker.

Dean of the club Larry Dimmitt presented a mentalism piece where he was able to divine what colored ball the spectator chose even though the balls were moved around to various places.

Michael Jacobs presented a very clean handling of card warp.

Club Vice President Mark Paulson presented a very funny card prediction gag that uses some great music to enhance the fun of the effect.  One of these days, his trick is going to work.

Club President Brian Cook presented his Okito box routine set to music.  Brian has a wonderful Okito box collection and makes beautiful sets himself.

Sam “AlakaSam” Chamberlain presented his zombie ball routine to music.  The club was able to give him some pointers on the routine and we are looking forward to seeing it again in the future.

Rick Swaney presented a very clever trick based on a cardboard ipod.  As clever as the trick was, Rick’s explanation of what he had to do to fix the gimmick earlier that same day was even more astonishing and clever.

Reymarx Gereda presented a great rendition of finding the aces were he used the cards as a computer and “programs” the deck.  Pushing a button makes the aces magically appear.  This is a nice impromptu trick that fools this author every time.

New member Aidan Adams presented some very nice original card magic to the group.  We hope to see Aidan (and his bow tie) back in the future.

There was plenty of may music and magic to enjoy.  Next month’s theme is “mentalism”


April 2017 Meeting Minutes

The theme of this month’s meeting was coin magic, although there were quite a few types of wonderful magic presented.

Vice President Mark Paulson was able to psychically divine a specific chore that was selected by a spectator from a list given to him by his wife.  If only getting the chores done could be as magical.  Magician Roger Sylwester presented a very nice three-card Monte routine with multiple card changes and surprises.  Igor Dvorkin turned a spectator into the magician presenting a well-crafted ambitious card effect.  Michael Jacobs presented an effect from John Scarne that was a real miracle card finder.  Ralph Huntzinger presented his coins through hand magic that has been his go to coin routine allowing him to really have a polished effect.  Rick Swaney performed a very nice formal sit down coin routine where coins appeared, disappeared and traveled magically from hand to hand.  Sam Chamberlain presented a magic piece involving a magic growing penny that continued to get larger and larger.  Secretary Jim Earnshaw made a signed coin disappear and then reappear inside of a locked keychain.  President Brian Cook presented a portion of his Magic Castle act involving copper and silver coins that magically transported around the table.  Magician Ben Eskenazi used a spectator’s phone to take a picture of the future, showing a chosen card as the only card face up in the picture.  It was another great meeting filled with magic and friendship.  Next month’s magic theme is “Magic with Music”.

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Magic in the Summer

Our August meeting began with an update on great magic events coming up followed by some serious magic from our members. This was our first meeting at the newly renovated Mercer Island branch of the King County Library.

John Cameron fooled and entertained us with a prediction effect using three bottles of Moosehead Canadian Beer and a deck of cards. He gave credit to Mark Striving’s Psychic Suds for this effect. Michael Jacobs shared a psychic card effect utilizing a very strong directive persona that seriously held our attention. He performed Karl Fulves’ Unseen Powers.

Larry Dimmit brought out a roulette wheel, dice and cards for a casino prediction effect developed by Jules Lanier. Larry’s mentalism is always amazing. Mark Paulson showed us 15 cards, each with a picture of a different billiard ball. He revealed the chosen card by producing a full sized billiard ball that matched the ball on the selected card.

Ralph Hutzinger performed a smooth version of coins through handkerchief by Michael Ammar. Roger Sylwester treated us to his performance of Mac King’s Other Rope Routine. Chuck Kleiner showed us how some of the first tricks we learned can be successful with lay audiences. He performed a stage version of Mental Choice and Michael Ammar’s Magician’s Insurance Policy.

Finally our youngest member, Otto Miller showed us an Oil and Water routine that he’s been working on. Otto’s magic amazes us every time. Although all of our members are young at heart, it’s great collaborating with the next generation of magicians like Otto. Magic is a great way to bridge the generation gap. If you’re ever in Seattle on the first Thursday of the month come and visit our magic club. No matter what your age, you’ll definitely fit in if you enjoy magic!

August 2015 Meeting Minutes – Summer Magic

Our August meeting began with an update on the great magic events our members attended in the previous month and an update on the upcoming magic in the Seattle area. Tom Payne told us about the closing of an old magic shop and the opening of a new one.

Our president, Jim Earnshaw, welcomed our newest member, Dave Buck, to the S.A.M. and to our club. Dan Kennedy, who recently injured his hand, showed us that he could still do card magic without touching the cards. He had a spectator handle the deck and follow his instructions to find the selected card. The effect was based on Daryl’s “Untouched.”

Larry Dimmit helped a spectator see through his own third eye and the spectator unbelievably divined his own ESP card. Roger Sylvester performed an ACAAN effect where the card is found reversed in the exact location in the deck. It was based on Dai Vernon’s trick that can’t be explained. Jim Earnshaw performed a manipulation act using three coins, a salt shaker, a butter knife and a napkin. The coins appeared and disappeared to the beautiful music of the Blue Danube.

Mark Paulson told us that his father never let him play with cards but that he’s always been drawn to them. Each card in his deck had a different name on the back. The spectator’s freely chosen card turned out to be named Satan. Maybe his dad was on to something. Mark also showed us a balloon that we all burst with the power of our minds.

Chuck Kleiner performed Docc Hilford’s “Wizard’s Manual.” Otto Miller showed us a matrix routine with four cards and four coins where all of the coins magically moved from one under each card to all four under one card. He then upped the skill level by performing a matrix routine with no cards, just the coins and his two hands. Now that’s magic!

Our club has nurtured a positive and supportive environment where members can workshop new routines and get positive feedback on how to improve them. Michael Jacobs took the workshop opportunity this month and demonstrated the difference between a magician and a mentalist. Michael’s effect was based on Milbourne Christopher’s “Concentrate on a Card.” He got a lot of ideas from Brian Cook, Jim Earnshaw and other members on how to improve the effect. We hope he shows us an update at a future meeting.

If you’re ever in Seattle on the first Thursday of the month come and visit our magic club. You’ll definitely see some cool stuff!

President Jim Earnshaw welcomes Dave Buck to the Society of American Magicians
President Jim Earnshaw welcomes Dave Buck to the Society of American Magicians